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API Integration and API Management

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Cloud services and mobile apps can offer enormous added value to your business but is quite useless without the integration with existing core systems. Therefore, companies need to provide secure access to internally stored data and functionality – not only for their own internal use, but also to business partners and service providers. The solution: APIs.
The growing demand for APIs  creates major challenges for IT departments:they have to develop, provide and create documentation for interfaces, manage their own as well as third-party APIs, ensure seamless integration with the company's IT systems and guarantee secure data access. The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) helps IT departments tackle all of these challenges.

The SEEBURGER API Solution – part of the Business Integration Suite

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API Management with the Business Integration Suite

SEEBURGER BIS is a comprehensive solution for the entire API lifecycle, from the creation, publication and use of in-house APIs, to the related security measures, the administration as well as the management of the APIs of your business partners.
The SEEBURGER BIS API Solution includes the following components for efficient API management:


The SEEBURGER BIS API Manager is a web-based application for API management. With tailored role-based functions for API providers and users, it minimises your administration and communication workload.
The BIS API Manager supports API providers in the rollout and maintenance of APIs. API users can visit the web portal, which is available 24 hours a day, to access all of the information they need – enabling them to work at any time and from any location.

API providers can:

  • Produce documentation for APIs and publish it in the API catalogue
  • Grant API users access rights to APIs
  • Monitor the use of individual APIs by various users
  • Answer questions from API users
  • Provide users with information, for example on new API versions

API users can:

  • Find the correct APIs in the API catalogue
  • Access all information required to use the APIs
  • Request API access rights
  • Test their APIs
  • Monitor the use of APIs by their own applications
  • Ask questions about how to use the APIs


The SEEBURGER BIS API Gateway receives API calls, checks the access rights of the requestors and forwards the calls to internal services or converts them to internal interface calls. Thus, the BIS API Gateway protects your internal data, files and applications against unauthorised access and decouplesinternal interfaces from the published API.

Functions of the BIS API Gateway:

  • Supported protocols: HTTP, REST, SOAP, XML RPC, JSON RPC
  • Transport security (SSL/TLS with configurable keys)
  • Message security (WS Security, PGP, SMIME)
  • User authentication and authorisation
  • User and API user rights management with optional LDAP/AD integration
  • Recording of API use statistics

Optional additional functions from the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite:

  • BIS Secure Proxy for secure connection to the internet
  • BIS Information Server for the analysis of API content
  • BIS Adapter for data integration with a range of back-end and legacy systems

Integration scenarios

Whether it's CRM, ERP, E-Business, POS, sites, cloud or ETL: with support for various API technologies and pre-configured modules, the SEEBURGER API solution can help your company roll out a wide range of real-time integration scenarios.

Salesforce SAP Integration

With SEEBURGER BIS, you can link your CRM and ERP applications easily and efficiently. The solution supports all of the required API technologies (e.g. Salesforce Soap and Bulk API, as well as SAP-tRFC with IDoc).

Real-time data integration and data exchange – process-oriented and event-based:

  • Includes processes for customer master data, quotations and orders
  • The design is specifically tailored to real-time processes for high data processing volumes
  • Use of REST API technologies and various message structures
  • Typical synchronization problems are solved: if Salesforce Soap and SAP work with different "unique IDs", the staging tables in the SEEBURGER solution can be used to compare them

Preconfigured Salesforce to SAP integration scenarios

Webshop integration

Integrate your own and/or partner webshops in your merchandise management system. SEEBURGER BIS offers preconfigured SOAP web services and SAP-RFC modules for integration in SAP environments.

SEEBURGER BIS provides comprehensive support for webshop integration through:

  • API modules with SOAP/REST web service adapters
  • High-performance SAP adapters using ALE/tRFC or BAPI
  • Synchronous integration through Request/Reply
  • Dynamic allocation of various priorities for processes
  • Fulfilment of compliance & security requirements

Integration of point of sales, branches, factories and field offices

With SEEBURGER BIS, you can quickly and easily integrate your business units into your IT infrastructure – regardless of their location. BIS offers options including file or API-based linking, the compact MFT client BIS Link as an optional end point, e.g. at cash registers, in branches or factories, and connection via BIS adapters (FTP(S), sFTP, HTTP(S) etc.) as an alternative.

Your benefits: transparency and traceability thanks to:

  • Dynamic data distribution via central BIS
  • Workflow-based flexible control of data streams
  • "Self-service portal" for automated end-point activation
  • BIS Link communication interface with WS-API, command line API and file-based interface for application integration, a state-of-the-art end point that can be rolled out automatically
  • BIS Link Manager for the rollout (including bulk rollout) of BIS Link instances and monitoring during operation
  • Message Tracking – preconfigured function for the end-to-end monitoring of all data streams
  • Message Routing – also with conversion as an option.

Cloud Integration

Integrate external cloud services into your own applications in real-time. SEEBURGER BIS supports both SOAP web services and REST services.

Customer requirements successfully implemented by SEEBURGER in real solutions (selection):

  • Trigger back-end price calculation
  • Ad-hoc upload of additional information from the ERP in cloud services
  • Duplicate checking in web applications and ERP back end
  • Call-up of tracking information for delivery statuses
  • Upload of product information from a PIM system
  • Permanent synchronization of cloud applications in the event of changes in the ERP
  • Synchronous availability checking
  • Order booking with immediate confirmation
  • Integration of payment services
  • Update of prices and product information from PIM system
  • Certificate validation prior to use (e.g. signature/encryption in B2B communication)
  • Query weather data for the control of power transport networks
  • Query recipe database
  • Update of price robots

ETL integration

Populate your data warehouse or big-data system with data from various sources (ETL 2.0.) and integrate the BI systems of your choice. SEEBURGER BIS offers database API connectors (e.g. JDBC) and web services (SOAP, REST) to assist in this process, enabling you to transparently convert data from and to database format without SQL knowledge.

The preconfigured ETL integration scenario for SAP to database includes:

  • Linking to database via web services or JDBC
  • Linking to SAP via RFC or tRFC
  • Conversion from SAP to database/database to database



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