US E-Invoicing-Series:
Invoice standards and rules - Spring 2018

This series has been postponed till further notice.
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Part 1: Tax Regulations for Electronic Invoicing in Europe

This session will cover the E-Invoicing situation in Europe based on the examples of 

  • SII (Suministro Inmediato de Información del IVA), Spain
  • Facturae, Spain
  • Chorus Pro, France
  • FatturaPA (Sistema di Interscambio, SDI), Italy
  • Nemzeti Adó- és Vámhivatal (NAV), Hungary 

Speaker: Andreas Killinger
Product Manager, SEEBURGER

Part 2: E-Invoicing Best Practices

Structuring Implementation Projects from Scratch

Speaker: Julien Ziemnicki
Consultant, econtea

Part 3: Future Trends – Global E-Invoicing, Tax Compliance and Automation - canceled

We are sorry. Due to organizational considerations the webinar session was canceled.

Part 4: Globally compliant E-Invoicing Signatures, Tax Clearance and Archiving

Government mandates in many countries towards real-time transaction reporting are creating a massive paradigm shift in the worlds of business-to-business and business-to-government communications.
With diversity and a high rate of change being the key challenges in this emerging environment, it becomes critical for enterprises to adopt a strategy based on common solution components that can be re-used across their markets and subsidiaries. This session will explain the background to these global trends and provide tips about the key ingredients for a sustainable long-term enterprise e-invoicing strategy based on the example of the situation in Mexico. 

Speaker: Gerrit Onken
Solution Architect, SEEBURGER

Part 5: Cash Flow Optimization through Invoice Tracking

When you improve cash flow, you almost inevitably optimize all operational processes, thus triggering continuous improvement. SEEBURGER Information Management helps you to harmonize and visualize the relevant data and key figures. We do not just sell and implement software. We accompany our customers in the development of their business model and create digital added value together with you.

Speaker: Frank Jelinek
VP Solution Management, SEEBURGER

Part 6: Benefits of the Core Invoice and Hybrid Messaging – Experiences and Status in Europe

The webcast is focusing on the implementation of the European Standard EN 16931 for core e-invoices that was created by CEN.  This standard was initially triggered by the EU-Directive Directive 2014/55/EU on e-invoicing in public procurement. Although the standard was created for B2G, there are benefits especially in the B2B area as well, especially when implemented as Hybrid Invoice. Since 2014 there is already a huge adoption of this approach by major multinationals as well as SMEs.

Speaker: Klaus Foerderer
Senior Manager eBusiness/GDSN, GS1

Part 7: Onboarding across Boundaries – Make B2B Integration happen

Get the most out of your existing environment by integrating your suppliers and customers into your own processes. It starts with an analysis of your Trading Partners, the message types exchanged and their technical capabilities. Then you onboard Trading Partners swiftly so they collaborate with you through the optimal channel. Finally you need to manage your Trading Partner community so things keep on running smoothly.

Speaker: Frank Stegmueller
Head of Customer Service & Support, SEEBURGER

US E-Invoicing-Series: Invoice standards and rules – Spring 2018

10 am PDT (West Coast)  |  1 pm EDT (East Coast)  |  7 pm CEST (Central Europe)