Data Exchange for the High Tech Industry

The B2B-StandardizedSolution for HighTech from SEEBURGER is a tailored B2B/EDI solution for companies in the high-tech and electronics industries, allowing all of your trading partners to be fully integrated into the supply chain.

This means:

  • Every conventional integration technology and type of communication used by the high-tech and electronics industry is included.
  • You also receive ready-to-use templates for all current standard processes.
  • We supply you with the appropriate partner profiles (processes, mappings, communication parameters) in the form of standardized software components.

Business processes are executed in line with EDIFICE and RosettaNet standards or via Managed File Transfer (MFT), enabling you to consolidate partner communication into one central platform.

The following specific components are available:

Gateways/communication types:

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Conversion for the following standards:

ERP/host interfaces:

  • SAP
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Infor
  • and many more

Add-ons to SEEBURGER B2B-StandardSolution HighTech:


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