B2B/MFT Consulting

SEEBURGER’s consulting services provide effective support in the implementation of B2B/MFT projects.


  • With an international presence in more than 20 locations, we can put together teams that suit your local requirements.
  • Different levels of service are available, from acting in a purely advisory capacity (the SEEBURGER Quick Start Program) to full project management.
  • Our migration tools are based on our experience in a large number of projects, and significantly reduce the time, effort and risk associated with a migration.
  • This allows us to leverage our local and offshore resources where it makes sense to do so,
  • If required, SEEBURGER has many consulting partners available to supplement our own expertise.

SEEBURGER has acquired substantial consulting expertise in the SAP space, as exemplified by our utilities services for SAP IS-U, B2B IT process solutions and end-to-end monitoring for SAP. Please see the relevant sections of the website to find out more about our specialist consulting services in these areas.


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